MO2 archidesign is an architecture and interior design studio founded in 2004. We work on commercial, corporate, residential and hotel service projects offering comprehensive architecture, interior and furniture design services. Our projects are designed to combine efficient design with a high level of detail and excellent craftsmanship. We establish an ongoing relationship with the client to whom we provide advice and guide in the creative process, until the client is fully satisfied with the final result.

We treat your project as unique, studied and analysed in detail, satisfying the needs of each client

Arquitecta interiorista Ana Morales MO2 Arquitectura

Ana Morales

Architect, Superior Technical School of Architecture, University of Granada, 2002.

Daniel Tena

Industrial Engineer, School of Industrial Engineering, University of Malaga, 2008

Alejandro Donaire

Technical Architect, School of Technical Architecture, University of La Coruña, 1984 and Building Engineering, European University of Madrid, 2009

Associated Collaborators

In a current reflection of the architectural project, we understand the essential interaction of different professionals to obtain professionalism and attention to detail. To achieve this we have a team of collaborators with whom we can meet the needs of each project, optimizing deadlines and execution of work.

Rafael Gutiérrez

Civil Engineer, Superior Technical School of Civil Engineering

Rocío Ayala

Administrative and accounting department